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The Wilderness Committee has put a new petition on the Care2 site. I have already signed it, and I would ask everyone who reads this blog to do so as well

Halt the Gateway Project

Target:           The Legislature of BC
Sponsored by:      Wilderness Committee
The B.C. Gateway Program may well be the most harmful transportation  infrastructure project in the history of BC if not all of Canada.

The estimate 10 billion dollar proposal includes new and expanded port infrastructure, highways, bridges, rail yards, and container terminals to facilitate importing more goods from China and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific and exporting more of B.C.’s non-renewable resources. Meanwhile demand for international shipping is declining due to the problems in the global economy.

Gateway would drastically increase our contribution to global warming and would negatively impact endangered species including the magnificent Orca whales and the habitat needed for thousands of migratory birds. Gateway would generate suburban sprawl and impact over 1,000 acres of farmland.

The Gateway Project was designed by the Gateway Council, a lobby group made up of Industry representatives.

This project in effect is a de-railing of the Livable Region Strategic Plan which was the result of extensive public consultation and meaningful dialogue after a similar highway expansion was canceled due to public opposition nearly 40 years ago.

Written by Stephen Rees

January 9, 2009 at 6:47 pm

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