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The Done Deal is Coming Undone – We Demand Transit First, Not Freeways

Faced with the twin meltdown of climate and economy, the Premier and the Prime Minister seem intent to drive us over the edge by refusing to rethink the Gateway Project.

The people of this Region don’t want more Truckin’ Freeways or Evil Twin bridges, and now it seems the banks don’t want them either. The twinning of the Port Mann Bridge is now on shaky ground because banks don’t want to invest in the $2.3 billion project — more than double the cost promised by the Highways Minister.

The provincial government, desperate to save face, has extended the deadline for the Port Mann deal until February. NOW is the time for us to deliver a clear message to the provincial and federal governments and to the banking community: Don’t Bankrupt our Communities and our Climate – We Need Transit First! The BC Treasury Board states that transit projects create more jobs than freeway projects by 7 to 1.

Stand up for your community and demand green jobs, not blacktop!

With less than five months to go until the Provincial election, NUMBERS make all the difference. Please join us, bring drums, signs, costumes and banners, and add your voice to the rising chorus.

Come out at noon on Thurs. Jan. 22 and help to bring this dinosaur to its knees



When:    Thursday, January 22 @ NOON to 1 pm

Where:    5 Bentall Centre @ 550 Burrard and Dunsmuir- the offices of Australia-based Macquarie Bank, major Gateway financier. Kitty-corner from Burrard SkyTrain Stn.

What:    A gathering of activists and concerned citizens from across the region staging a creative protest to tell Gordo, Harper, and potential investors to RETHINK GATEWAY, create GREEN JOBS, and invest in TRANSIT FIRST.

For background see Vancouver Sun, Thurs. Jan 15:    Port Mann Bridge financing thrown into question

For more info about the Gateway Project visit or

Written by Stephen Rees

January 16, 2009 at 10:05 am

Posted in Transportation

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