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2010 organizers unveil massive Olympic transportation plans

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This of course is all over the media and will be the big story on the evening news. You can get the gory details from the Sun, or the National Post, or the CBC.

My instant reaction is that a lot of this should have been happening anyway. Much of the program ought to have been part of changing our region into one that can cope with a real emergency – climate change – and not just for a two week sports festival. The increase in transit and WCE service is of course welcome – as is the opening of the “Olympic Lanes” to buses. This shows that at least the communications wallahs have twigged how terrible the idea of lanes for the privileged few would have looked.

And of course I like the idea of street closures

What I would hope would happen afterwards is that we would see some of this new found enthusiams for the people moving ability of transit translated into a daily experience for the rest of us. But that, of course, is not going to happen if we make the mistake of re-electing a Liberal government.

Written by Stephen Rees

March 11, 2009 at 1:04 pm

Posted in Olympics, transit

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  1. I wish that I could share your optimism! Many NDP and Greens voters will not or cannot give up their cars. 2 weeks is not enough to prove to most people here than it is possible to live and work without using cars all the time and that stores can thrive even if their customers can’t park in front of the door. Let be frank here! many of the transit-oriented posters on this blog do use their cars most of the time don’t they? so why should people who are indifferent, at best, or even hostile towards transit be any different? I would love to be proven wrong of course.

    Red frog

    March 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

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