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Earth Hour

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I know it is supposed to be symbolic. I also know that I did my bit – I promoted Earth Hour here and on flickr/facebook (one post does for both). But I noticed that my neighbours did not.

Overall power consumption dropped by 1.1% in BC – less than last year’s 2% – and Richmond was one of the worst performers at 0.3% which is not good news for Green Party candidates here.

But meanwhile the Vancouver Sun has found an angle on global warming that might catch popular attention. Forget about the forecast loss of coastline – and the effect on populations in low lying areas. Or the expected social upheaval caused by droughts and crop failures – the possible wars over shortages of fresh water – the vast movements of populations. Not much of this grabs the headlines of the major media here. But it might effect winter sports! (Shock!! horror!!!)

Canada’s $5-billion-a-year winter tourism industry, generating more than 110,000 jobs, is also vulnerable to the warmer temperatures that lie ahead unless the world takes concrete action now to arrest climate change.

Well if that’s the case we might actually have to do something!

Written by Stephen Rees

March 30, 2009 at 12:54 pm