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You probably have seen something about these items already. But just in case you do not lurk on email lists, or follow me on Buzz, here are a couple of recent articles you need to read. I am not going to try to put my own thoughts or responses into blog format – yet, if at all. And I have also disabled comments and ping backs. But because of the way I am posting this, they also go out on facebook and twitter. My hope is that they will go further that way too – retweets and “likes” and so on.

It goes against our nature; but the left has to start asserting its own values

The progressive attempt to appeal to self-interest has been a catastrophe. Empathy, not expediency, must drive our campaigns

George Monbiot in the Guardian a couple of days ago

This quote really resonated with me

Instead of performing a rational cost-benefit analysis, we accept information that confirms our identity and values, and reject information that conflicts with them. We mould our thinking around our social identity, protecting it from serious challenge. Confronting people with inconvenient facts is likely only to harden their resistance to change.

As someone who has devoted much of his adult life to rational cost-benefit analysis, I wish I had known that sooner. Perhaps I would have done better to take psychology at university rather than politics and economics.

Seven Rules for Right Here, BC’s Lower Mainland

The author of ‘Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities’ adapts his formula to fit BC’s most populous region. Last in a series.

By Patrick M. Condon, Today,



Written by Stephen Rees

October 13, 2010 at 12:16 pm

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