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It’s that time of year

UPDATED December 23, 2010

Other bloggers (like Michael Geller) are doing year end summaries, or sending out “gifts”. Rob Cottingham has produced a neat print it yourself calendar – which includes two transit themed images.

Can I blog one of your cartoons? Yes, and thanks for asking! You can use the car­toons without charge in blog posts under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license (be sure to credit me and link back to the cartoon’s original page here).

(I lifted the cartoon from the pdf file – and he doesn’t want bloggers to link to that directly. I used my Mac shortcut to copy it and GIMP to rotate it as the cartoons are tilted in the calendar. So I suppose I did get creative, if not very geekily). Rob was kind enough to contact me and provide a link to “a crisper version”.

This, by the way, should NOT be taken as any indication that I am unhappy with the life I am now living. In fact 2010 was very good to me indeed – and I trust that you may have a New Year as good for you as this one was for me.

Written by Stephen Rees

December 21, 2010 at 9:00 am

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