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UBC Line rapid transit – public consultation starts

TransLink is starting consultation about the options for the future UBC Line rapid transit service this evening. Early this morning there was “a special blogger breakfast” about the project. Jeff Busby and Margaret Wittgens from TransLink’s planning division gave a short presentation and were asked questions about the study and its work so far, plus the next steps for the project by about half a dozen people including Voony, Karen Fung, Nathan Pachal and Mike Klassen.

We were given a package of materials – and all of that is on line at the Translink webpage.

This is the second round of consultation on this project. As you may recall, in spring 2010, Translink consulted on alternatives for rapid transit along Broadway from Commercial Drive to UBC.

Now, the project team has completed more design and evaluation work on the alternatives shown in 2010. And starting today, this detailed work will be presented to the public to get more feedback: that includes the potential routes, station locations, and other characteristics for each alternative.

It is important to note that this process does not allow you to pick a favourite technology. There is a very extensive questionnaire to collect feedback (on line feedback closes on April 22) and that will come from the public workshops, and on line webinar (on April 4 at 7pm but you can preregister) and of course direct communications.

For the google maps information you have to go to the Translink page – I have just clipped in a screen shot from that so the links in the table do not work directly.

There is a great deal of information to absorb – and in particular I want to study the evaluation in greater detail. I also think that the discussion needs to be with Translink rather than comments here, so I have disabled commenting and pingbacks to this post. I hope that the people who have been so vocal about this issue will take the time to visit the web pages I have linked to, even if they cannot go to the meetings and I do encourage you to complete the feedback questionnaire  once you have had the chance to digest all the information that is presented.

I think is is also important to emphasize that Translink is in no position to build anything – or even run more conventional service at present. The next priority for capital investment is still the underfunded Evergreen Line. Not until this – and the next – phase of the study is complete will it be possible – in Jeff Busby’s words – for Translink to “decide how much money to ask for”. They are also in the process of once again updating the strategic plan which will now run out to 2045 and will determine the order of priorities for future major capital projects.


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March 30, 2011 at 11:12 am

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