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The Tsawwassen Development

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Tsawwassen Mills Power Centre

Tsawwassen Mills Power Centre

This rendering shows what is going to happen to the land between Highway 17 which leads to the ferry terminal and the Deltaport causeway. It is taken from the Retail Advisors Inc webpage which has details of what is going into highway oriented shopping development. The image itself is interesting in what it also shows in the way of low density housing. Rather oddly while the future commercial industrial area is indicated the existing container terminal and coal loading facility on Roberts Bank – at the end of the causeway – is omitted entirely.  52 Street becomes a 4 line divided road north of the Highway.

This is what it looked like the last time the Google Earth satellite image was taken. I have spun it around so it has roughly the same view point as the drawing.

Google Earth satellite image re-oriented

Google Earth satellite image re-oriented

I have been around this area quite a bit recently – and what is most apparent is the speed of construction of roads across what was once some of BC’s best farmland. The South Fraser Perimeter Road starts here – with an intersection on Highway 17 over the top of the BC Rail line to Deltaport.

Actually the realtor’s site also has the streetsview link embedded on it so you can take a virtual drive around to see what the Google car saw last year. But this picture gives you an idea of what it looked like before the development started

And this more recent picture shows what is now happening at 41B Street where work is proceeding rapidly on a new railway overpass.

41B Street overpass underconstruction

This area is at the far right of the top illustration and will be industrial/commercial – mostly for the containers coming out of Deltaport.

Written by Stephen Rees

April 11, 2011 at 4:12 pm