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Elizabeth May at the Green Party AGM

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LIVE BLOG Burnaby May 8, 2011  12:21pm

Started her day in Halifax – most of her time was in media interviews – where were they during the election?

We have to break down the notion that we are different parties federally, provincially and locally. Carolyn Lucas made the breakthrough in the UK in a fpp system. We cheer for the Green Movement all around the world. We undermine our effectiveness – bottom up grass roots movement to use the energies of a bunch of really bright people. I will help you in a BC provincial elections.

What helped in Saanich Gulf Islands – some things only Jane can do – we did run a national campaign it was air brushed out of the media. Most sophisticated tv ads – rely on social media – young people – start early. We do not know when the provincial election will be. If it was not for the HST …

Face to face contact is really important – the number one thing is that they get to know you and the platform, and policies that are different to themparties. House parties – meet and greets. Average Canadian does not want anything to do with a political party – and who can blame them. “I don’t like politics – I don’t want to get involved” – not what they want to do. Resources and investment should go into friendships not party political stuff.

Waving at people at busy intersections – make eye contact. Doesn’t sound like us does it? It got me at least one vote.

I am sure we can run a campaign on our social networks – Canada needs Greens. We are not likely to see an election until November 2015.  In that time we can make such a huge difference that next time we get twelve MPs and offical party status. Most of the actions of politicians have very short horizons. We need to get as many MPs as possible to be educated about rising greenhouse gas emissions – and Canada is the worst performer – we lag behind Ethiopia – and China – Brazil – where Greens do so well – 19m Green voters. Issues that the other parties ignore. Parties chose to ignore that for their own selfish interests. Use the seat we have to infiltrate – to change the minds all through the House fo Commons. We don’t have tome to wait until we have a Green majority

All Canadians will say thank you – whether they voted Green or not. Sea change in the House and not be solely at the mercy of the party system. The virtue of staying on message means that they are not thinking. We can make a dramatic change in the House.

It was not close in SGI

Take the energy and momentum – BC is the strongest home of Greens and green values. This is where we make our next breakthrough.

Q & A

Petra Kelly German Greens – we are the anti-party party.

Everybody has some good ideas

My concern about the getting rid of taxpayer support for political parties – they get a much more generous tax deal than charities. Why are they focussing on voter support. Because they want to get rid of the other provisions that got rid of corporate and labor donations – the per vote was put in for Charter reasons. $28m is not a big deal. $5m for the Grey Cup celbrations, war of 1812 celebrations bicentennial. There was more of that in the Conservative platform on that than on climate change. Per vote is cheap at stopping corporate influence.

My ten year old grandson wrote his own message to the CBC website: “I know that Elizabeth May is the Leader of the Green Party of Canada not an independent. I am ten years old Mr Mansbridge, and I know that, why don’t you?”

People my age feel very guilty that we did not leave the planet a better place than we found it.

Severin Suzuki (13 year old)  speech at the UN on you tube

Elizabeth May MP

Elizabeth May MP talking to the media after the AGM - my photo

Written by Stephen Rees

May 8, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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  1. Apparently Elizabeth May won with, at 75%, the highest voter turnout of any riding in Canada.

    Makes you wonder how the election results would’ve turned out if i) voting was mandatory; and ii) we had a proportionally representative system.

    Actually, there is an answer:


    May 10, 2011 at 9:34 am

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