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Kitsilano Farmers’ Market

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This is our regular Sunday morning walk in the summer. And usually, when I post pictures to flickr I post them as a set and, more often than not, and quite a bit of text to the set description. The new layout means that now, nobody else can even see what I write there. Really, really stupid and insensitive to how people use flickr – not that they care. So if you follow me on flickr this blog post duplicates what is on there, and the text now appears there under each image. And I know there are cyclists who follow this blog, so it is not at all off topic.

Kits Farmers' Market

My partner says she can see the tents from Arbutus Street when we drive past. That is because 11th Avenue is closed to traffic.

I have seen cricket and baseball being played at this location at the same time. But not this week.

Securing their cycles

Securing their cycles

As you can see, there is a large poster “Free and Safe Bicycle Parking” – so of course I had to ask why they were doing this.

They said they did not feel comfortable NOT paying at the Free parking – which actually asks for a $2 per bike donation (see next picture). They also said that it was a lot quicker to reclaim their bikes when they needed them.

But the young woman woman in the white shirt said it best: “We saw this space and it spoke to us.”

That’s art.

If you can donate $2 ...

Well that doesn’t sound so bad. Though it seems to work a like PBS. I wonder how many people (like me) just don’t pay. Mind you, I walked both ways. My bike is in the locker downstairs, and I did not even think about getting it out.

Lining up for crepes again

Lining up for crepes

And this was at eleven o’clock. However, other trucks use different techniques to deal with crowds.

Waiting for lunch

Waiting for lunch

I got a poached eggs sandwich (with bacon and cheddar) but then had to wait ten minutes while it was prepared. So there is no line up for Yolk’s, but just as many folks waiting. Just not standing in line.

There is a dearth of seating and shade here.

Faith in his product

Faith in his product

One of the guys from Yolk’s having his lunch.

People watching on W10th

People watching on W10th

The grassy knoll viewpoint

Seeking out the shade

Under that white tent are UBC students offering free bike tune-ups. And they do mean free. Although there is still an opportunity to donate if you really insist.

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June 16, 2013 at 2:16 pm

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