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More news from the Arbutus Greenway

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The track at the level crossings is steadily being removed from the section between 16th and 33rd.

Arbutus Greenway

Redundant street sign warning of the approach to the now removed railway: the stops signs remain in place at all the crossings north of Nanton Avenue where there are no traffic signals.

Arbutus Greenway

Track removed at Nanton Ave crossing

Arbutus Greenway

King Edward Avenue

Arbutus Greenway

King Edward Avenue: some new blacktop added across the median

You can see the edge of the new road surface on the extreme right, where the track used to be. The white truck has pulled well forward of the stop line, which I think is going to be a continuing issue for cyclists aiming to get back to the Greenway.

Arbutus Greenway

While the track has been removed, the stop line and detector loops remain where they were. Even so, the white van moves up to the marked crosswalk, and thus fails to trigger the green arrow signal for the left turn onto Arbutus.

Arbutus Greenway

16th Avenue

Diverter to encourage people to use the signalled crosswalks: the blacktop used to be part of the off street parking for The Ridge on the other side of Arbutus Street.

Arbutus Greenway

Oh for goodness sake, Gregor

Oh for goodness sake, Gregor, we know you haven’t had a chance to clean up this bit yet, but this is ridiculous!

PS for the last word on why paving should be the answer

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September 10, 2016 at 3:46 pm

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