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Photo Challenge: Anticipation

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via Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Set for Bakersfield Mist

This is the set of a theatrical production. You can just see the heads of the patrons in the front rows waiting for the play to start. So yeah, Anticipation with a capital A!

Traditionally theatres had a proscenium and a curtain – which was kept closed until the lights dimmed. These days that happens less often. And theatres also ban photography of the performance but even encourage the use of cellphones and cameras before and after the performance, to drive the engine of publicity through social media.

This is the Stanley Theatre in Vancouver where the Arts Club was about to present “Bakersfield Mist”

Pam Johnson’s set is beautifully realized. An accumulation of flea market finds gathered over decades, a well-worn shag carpet, and decaying surroundings captures Maude’s home inside the Sagebrush Trailer Park with exquisitely cluttered detail. As you scan the bric-à-brac, you can’t but help wonder what other potential financial windfalls might be waiting to be discovered.

So perfect for not having a curtain – plenty of material on view to whet the appetite of the audience – to build the anticipation.

It is a very good play – its run ended here – but maybe it will come your way someday. It is well worth waiting for.

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December 16, 2016 at 3:34 pm

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