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The Massey Bridge has been cancelled

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The BC government has announced that it will conduct independent review to find best solution for George Massey corridor.

The following is the text of the press release

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is proceeding with an independent technical review of the George Massey Tunnel corridor to find a solution that gets people and goods moving and makes sense for commuters across the region.

The ministry is in the process of recruiting the individual to lead the technical review, and will support the review with expertise in highway infrastructure construction, transportation planning and traffic engineering.

The review will focus on what level of improvement is needed in the context of regional and provincial planning, growth and vision, as well as which option would be best for the corridor, be it the proposed 10-lane bridge, a smaller bridge or tunnel.

The Province’s work on the project, up to this point, will be looked at closely as part of the independent review, including technical information developed by the project team and from Metro Vancouver municipalities, as well as new analysis that includes looking at how the removal of tolls will affect the crossing.

While the review is underway, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claire Trevena will engage mayors from Metro Vancouver, including Richmond and Delta, to gather their perspectives on the project, and to ensure that any plan for this corridor reflects their ideas and fits into the overall vision for the region.

Based on the recommendations received, the Province will determine next steps to address the congestion along the Highway 99 corridor.

Pending the outcome of the review, the current procurement process has been cancelled and the project will not be budgeted for in the government’s capital plan until a solution has been identified. The terms of the request for proposals dictate that each of the two final bidding teams will be paid up to $2 million to help offset their expenses to date.

The Province has spent approximately $66 million on the estimated $3.5-billion project. BC Hydro has spent approximately $25 million on its transmission relocation project. Work completed to date is expected to be utilized regardless of which option is chosen. Valuable property has been acquired, pre-load construction work along the Highway 99 corridor is wrapping up, and technical work and analysis will be considered as government moves forward to improve the crossing.

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September 6, 2017 at 1:26 pm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

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A set of photos from my flickr stream, carefully chosen and curated, since the search throws up plenty of other pictures that don’t work nearly as well as these.

Waiting for a bus

There is a flickr group called “I was just waiting for a bus”- though there are plenty of others about waiting, I now find. Because I administer that group I look for suitable subjects.  This photo was taken in March this year at a hotel in Varadero, Cuba where we spent quite a bit of time waiting to be picked up by a bus – on this occasion for the flight home.

Red Hats

One of my luckier candid shot moments. Walking in downtown Denver. I wrote beneath the picture “This bevy of beauties was waiting outside their hotel

“This is one of the …chapters [of] the Red Hat Society, a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women all over the world to make new friends and enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship! …” That last paragraph comes from someone else – if you want to find out more click on the picture above to be taken to the flickr page.

The line up

This is the line up at Kitsilano Farmers’ Market for the crepe caravan.

Cars on the tram tracks 1

St Denis, in the suburbs north of Paris. The tram in the background cannot advance due to the idiot who has parked on the tram tracks. The people on the left are growing increasingly impatient for the tram to arrive at the stop.

Loitering in the Alcove

Notice the sign above the loiterer’s head. He is just waiting for a bus in downtown Seattle.

Marking the High Tide Waiting for the Low Tide  Don Vaughan

This art installation is entitled “Marking the High Tide, Waiting for the Low Tide” and is by Don Vaughan. It is in downtown Vancouver on the north seawall of False Creek.

"Line Starts Here"

The line up is for the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was caused by the searches of every intending passenger by security personnel. This is the point where the line starts officially – and it had taken us two hours to get that far.


Photographers need patience. They spend a lot of time waiting.

Cormorants waiting for a SeaBus

I called this picture “Cormorants waiting for a SeaBus”

I was waiting for a tram 2007_0712

My cousin, Linda Sawyer, took this photo of me waiting for a streetcar at the Halton County Radial Railway in southern Ontario.

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September 6, 2017 at 10:08 am

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