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Alaska Trip: Part 5

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The Moosehide slide has nothing to do with gold mining. There are of course local myths and legends and no real agreement on how old or what might have caused it. There is not even a wikipedia page for it!

Here is that slideshow I promised of the interior of the theatre

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The contents of the bedroom came from the large amount of stuff simply abandoned when the gold rush was over and people left town. It was a bit like walking into the Marie Celeste.


SS Keno is one of the last remaining sternwheelers: two more lie rotting on the river bank opposite Moosehide



Moosehide was the location the local first nation community moved to when the miners arrived. It remains occupied but accessible only by trails or the river and has no electricity, or other municipal services.


The picture was taken from a small modern sidewheeler used for sightseeing trips – the picture below shows why you need to go to the upper decks if you want to see anything.




The little log house is across the street from the information centre but I know no more about it other than it is the only one I saw with a sod roof and a row of uprights cut from trees with prominent natural boles. I would also like to recommend Klondike Kate’s based on one of the messiest burgers I have ever eaten. It included gorgonzola, bacon,  cranberry marmalade and very juicy beef.

Part 6 will continue to Whitehorse to be followed by the eventful journey to Skagway.


Written by Stephen Rees

June 12, 2018 at 1:11 pm

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