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Blogs as a tool for political change

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“I think a lot of times, elected officials are afraid of bloggers. A blogger combines an elected official’s two most scariest things which is a journalist and an engaged citizen.”

If only that were true!

I somehow doubt that Streetsblog was actually responsible for getting Times Square closed to traffic. But possibly it helped give Janette Sadik-Kahn some support for what was actually quite a controversial decision. It also helped that its method of implementation was readily reversible if it had not worked.


“The Other Side of the Tracks” is a daily email summary of transit and related news:  links to news stories and blog posts about transit and TOD from around the country are collected daily by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America‘s New Media Director and Chief Cartographer.

“The day may come when Men will fall, and Jeff Wood cannot read every transit article…. but that day is not this day” – Some Transit Lovin Dude

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Written by Stephen Rees

January 14, 2014 at 8:48 am

Blogging about “blogging training”

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Someone wrote to me requesting permission to use my blog in “training video” that is being made. So far as I know it is not being made for WordPress’s maker Automattic – the person who contacted me would not say who was paying for it. But they expect to sell it and make a profit of course. They were not willing to pay for the video rights however. They expected bloggers to give that to them for free.

WordPress is Open Source. is free. I find the very thought of someone making money by selling completely unnecessary “training videos” offensive. I think anyone buying one is a sucker. For the system is easy to use and to learn, there is a lot of community support as well as really helpful free on line information. People like Miss604 give away advice (on video) on how to blog and how to do things with WordPress. There was a free WordPress camp yesterday evening – which even had free drinks afterwards for those who did not have to drive home.

Since you read this blog, you may want to consider starting your own. Trust me. It is easy. You can pick up how to do it as you go along. You do not need a training video and you certainly do not need to pay for one.

Tazzu WordPress Camp

Written by Stephen Rees

May 1, 2008 at 1:16 pm

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