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“There’s no ethical case for mandatory cycle helmets”

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The Guardian Bike Blog 

This analysis by an ethicist of the evidence for bike helmet legislation would be worth reading in any event. But over the weekend there was a contentious – if not actually mendacious – opinion piece in the Sun taking the opposite view and supporting it by very selective references to long refuted “evidence”. I am not linking to that. If you want to search and pay for someone else’s opinion that’s your privilege. Though I do wonder why there seems to be an anti-cycle policy at PNG.

But I do think it is worth quoting the banner

“Helmets do not provide sufficient protection to warrant the claim that they are highly effective – and the right to cycle bare-headed is by no means trivial”

I do wear a helmet, simply because I do not wish to get a ticket. Note too that in Vancouver, the local bylaw applies to parks and bike paths that are not subject to the Motor Vehicle Act. I have had a bike crash – actually with another cyclist, on a bike path. I came off, broke my wrist and the helmet made absolutely no difference.


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July 9, 2013 at 8:48 am


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Der Speigel

A lot of cities are copying the Paris bike rental scheme. I wonder how long before we do?

Paris velo

JCDecaux, the world’s second biggest outdoor advertising company, is also the company that now provides bus shelters in the City of Vancouver. They are also the company that runs this project. The only downside that I can see is that in Paris it is funded by billboards, and I think we have quite enough of those already.

UPDATE November 30

The Vancouver Sun this morning says the Translink is now looking at this

“I wouldn’t expect it everywhere,” said TransLink vice-chair Marvin Hunt, also a Surrey city councillor. “I would expect them where there is a concentration of businesses. And I wouldn’t expect them at the King George Station at all or a station like Joyce.”

Well it doesn’t really matter what you think does it, Marvin? As of next January you will not be able to influence Translink decisions like this unless as a Surrey Councillor you decide to block it at King George – though why it could not work there is beyond me. Joyce would seem to me to be ideal. One of the few places in Vancouver where transit oriented development has actually been allowed to occur.

Gordon Price also called it a “great idea.”

He had one caution, though.

“The big problem is helmets.” In Europe, helmets aren’t required or supplied. In the Lower Mainland, it’s illegal to ride without a helmet.

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November 2, 2007 at 4:12 pm

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