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Should the rich be taxed more? A new paper shows unequivocally yes

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This Guardian post from Sunday covers the ground that can’t be in a ten minute radio interview. The toll removal commitment made by the NDP was not accompanied by any discussion of how the required funds would be found. The money raised by bridge tolls will now come from the provincial budget – stayed tuned for that announcement.

The problem revealed by the toll removal is that we still have not dealt effectively with how to pay for Translink. And the probability that the Mayors’ preferred alternative – road user pricing – is now hostage to the “Toll Free BC” slogan.

But there are people who have done very well indeed from the 16 years of BC Liberals. Not the general population, of course, just the privileged. The people who already had plenty have got much more. The inequity of the policies pursued by right wing governments, and vacuity of the “policy” framework based on falsehoods such as “trickle down theory” and ” the rich are job creators”, has been widely exposed but oddly not generally accepted. The fact that people still vote for these parties against their own interests has also been widely noted.

Is it actually likely that Mr Horgan will open the can of worms that is Translink funding? Will he really bring in more progressive taxation on the super rich? Or will he decided that the over heated property market in Vancouver allows him to rake in more from property tax which is always the favourite target for provincial politicians, as that is the one source of revenue that they don’t get the blame for?

While the article I am citing above does not mention Canada or BC the general principles do apply – which I why I am linking to it. Because I think you need to read that rather than whatever bright idea someone like me could come up with. Well researched, properly cited and evidence based policy recommendations – backed by hard data – is worth far more than just opinion.

If you would like to listen to me pontificating on Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM on this subject that is now online. Just make sure if you want to point other people to that link through social media you use  @Roundhouse983 and @mornings on twitter and Instagram and ‘Roundhouse Radio’ on Facebook.

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August 29, 2017 at 10:09 am

An Evening with Robert Reich

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This SFU Public Square event was part of their 2013 Community Summit “Charting BC’s Economic Future”. It was live web cast . I would hope that it will be available as a recording on line but I can not find any commitment to that. I am linking to the Public Square site in the hopes that you will be able to find your way to it eventually but I will come back and check.

The Orpheum Theatre was pretty well filled, and according to the organizers it became a trending event on twitter the evening. I have made a storify using the hashtag #sfups. His theme was inequality and is tied in to his new movie which is not yet available here. But there is, of course, a web site.

UPDATE Very much to my surprise the entire text of his speech is now on the Georgia Straight.

He is a very engaging and entertaining speaker. The format chosen was that there were lots of introductions and plugging of sponsors, a short address and then a very easy interview with Anna Maria Tremonti lobbing very soft questions and even some pre-recorded questions from a carefully chosen and quite unrepresentative sample of people. But all good stuff and well worth your time, once the webcast is available.

What really surprised me was the number of people who left before the end of the event. I do hope that those people did not get the free bar of chocolate.

RR Chocolate Bar

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October 3, 2013 at 9:58 pm

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