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Streetcars for Langley?

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Langley Times

Maybe I need a new category called “retrofitting the suburbs”. If Langley – and especially the dreadful 200 St – is going to become human something like this is essential.

Why is 200 St dreadful? Because it was turned over to the developers for Highway Oriented Development, which of course is the easiest option if all you want to do is make money. But it does not have a human scale, and is inimical to walking and cycling. It screams at you that only people in cars are worth considering – actually make that oversized pick up trucks.

Jordan Bateman is proposing a new mass transit option for Langley’s 200 Street corridor

Turn 200 Street into San Francisco, with streetcars running up and down the hill, taking travellers to shopping, sporting and business parks, says Township Councillor Jordan Bateman.

I don’t think he means the cable cars.

San Francisco - Cable Car

Photo by “Blende8” on flickr

Though I think these could find a useful home in North Vancouver and New Westminster


Here is his slideshow

and here is that image of a streetcar climbing a hill in Lisbon

Lisbon tram

Image from John Mariani

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May 5, 2008 at 12:21 pm

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