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Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

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Policia Especializada Cuba Comandancia

I did a bit of searching to try and find out what the Specialised Police might do. But it seems likely that security concerns prevent that information from being released. Wikipedia had some generalised information about policing – but does not give much information. And some maps identify the location as The Old City Police station. It is clearly some ancient fortification – one of several around the entrance to the port. Which, at one time, needed protection especially from British privateers – the original Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course modern weaponry made such fortifications obsolete and in most places they become museums and tourist attractions. Cuba, of course, is different. Castles – like the Tower of London – have always done double duty as places of confinement – again usually in the name of “security”. One of those splendidly flexible and ill defined terms, and deliberately kept that way. All kinds of things are done in its name including deliberately overstepping all the formal controls most countries place on the power of the state to spy, detain and maltreat those it feels might be threatening it. Security of the state trumps security of the person not just in places like Cuba – for 50 years condemned by the United States for its supposed excesses in limiting the freedom of its citizens and supposed threats to its far bigger, more powerful neighbour – but also the location of the US Naval base at Guantanamo Bay and site of some of the US’s most egregious (and illegal) excesses in the name of security. It doesn’t look anything like this, of course.

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April 5, 2017 at 11:53 am

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Wally Oppal identifies “blatant failures” in B.C. missing women inquiry report

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The headline comes from the Georgia Straight. A lot of people – including some of the groups most immediately impacted – dismissed the process long before the report was even written.

However I am sure that they will endorse this summary

In a 1,448-page report released today (December 17), Wally Oppal writes that the police investigations included a failure to “consider and properly pursue all investigative strategies” and a “general systemic failure to address cross-jurisdictional issues and ineffective co-ordination between police forces and agencies”.

The official recommendations include a call for the B.C. government to establish a Greater Vancouver police force.

On this blog I have been making this plea for some time – and so have others, including some lo cal police chiefs.

If you were to design a policing structure for the region, would you design one like ours? Not in a million years.”

The opportunity to get rid of the RCMP seems to have been muffed. But this situation cannot be allowed to continue.

UPDATE Tuesday December 18

The following is taken from Mayor Gregor Robertson’s statement

On the specific issue of a regional police force, this is an approach I have supported in the past and believe is crucial to improving public safety and policing in the region. I am hopeful that the Province will quickly commit to establishing a Metro Vancouver police force as recommended in the report.

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December 17, 2012 at 9:16 pm

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