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The power of the internet and cycling

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This story is being brought to you courtesy of Al Pasternak – who reached me by facebook. He said “…great story, good ending” but it is not ended yet.

A cyclist in New York found himself being squeezed by a Merc – so he tapped on the window to warn the driver of his presence. And got threatened. But the driver had special license plates which identify him as a New York State Senator. (As an aside, I think it remarkable that people with vanity plates drive like twits, when their plates are so easy to memorize.)   The cyclist is a blogger – and when he wrote up the story lots of people contacted the senator – because the story has the complete text of a letter the blogger wrote to the Senator.

Now I am going to resist the temptation to cut and paster the letter here – partly becuase it is only one click away – but mostly because of the foul language the Senator used. And while Al says the story has a good ending, I think there is going to be more – and I suggest you subscribe to his feed to keep up with developments.

And of course I hope that the cyclists here will also copy this and keep it going. Because it reminds me very much of Woody Allen’s movie “Manhattan”. Where he gets to argue with the know it all in the line up for the movie and just happens to have Marshall McLuhan available to back him up.  How often have you had to deal with road rage and were left feeling impotent and against selfishness and idiocy? Well if you are a blogger maybe you don’t have to any more.

The scene of the crime

The scene of the crime

Written by Stephen Rees

September 24, 2008 at 8:54 am

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