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Anyone but Harper

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You have a choice a video worth looking at – and listening to.

If you need guidance on strategic voting the Straight has an article with recommendations of which non conservative stands the best chance of winning. has identified the ridings where strategic voting will be effective — ridings in which the outcome is most uncertain, and the Conservatives either hold the riding by a slim margin, or might just win if their opposition is fragmented among the other parties. Approximately 35 ridings are held by Conservatives who squeaked in, partly because of a fragmented opposition. In these ridings it’s important to unite to defeat the Conservatives. In about 45 other ridings an opposition candidate won by a small margin in the last election. In these cases it’s important to keep the seat.

If it offends your sensibilities to vote for somebody you think is an inferior candidate you can swap your vote with somebody in a different riding. Let’s say you really would prefer a Green candidate to win but the realpolitik of strategic voting has you voting for a Liberal, then you can find somebody who has the opposite problem – i.e., in her riding she would like to vote Liberal but strategic voting has her voting for a Green — and, in a sense swap your votes. Visit Vote Swap Canada , a Facebook group, to set this up. At least then the total popular votes of the two parties is unaffected by your strategic voting, and the federal contribution to their campaigns in the next election remains the same.

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October 9, 2008 at 2:28 pm

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