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The SkyTrain Security “Unconference”

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The following is taken from a message sent out by Karen Fung to people who attended the Vancouver Transit Camp. It casts an interesting light on how Translink is beginning to get to grips with openness and social media – or rather some of their staff are. It is probably too much to expect that the corporate culture will change as long as the present governance arrangements continue.

For those of you who may have wondered, “So what did TransLink ever
think of Vancouver Transit Camp?” I have a bit of an answer for you.

About 3 weeks ago, TransLink approached me to help them put together a
blog and an unconference to try and change up the way they engage with
the community of transit users. The topic? Security on SkyTrain. (Yes,
*that* firecracker!)

So far, the public engagement team at TransLink have been open and
awesome to learning what makes unconferences what they are – that would
be you, the members of the community, of course! Doug Kelsey, the CEO of
SkyTrain, has expressed his support and excitement for hearing more from
community members, both on the blog and at the event (taking place on
October 4th), and I’m stoked to see this coming from the top.

At the same time, I’ve also been doing a little schooling with the team
at TransLink, talking to them about being little less blog shy and more
comfortable with organizing in the open. I’ll also be co-facilitating
with Susan, someone with loads of experience in public engagement (both
with and outside of TransLink) and who’s been wonderfully open in
learning about social media.

I would like to invite Vancouver Transit Campers to take a look at the
blog I’ve set up for the unconference – it’s located at:

Tell all your transit-oriented loved ones too! 🙂 It’s in beta, so your
feedback would be great too.

I’m all about making this a platform where absolutely anyone can tell
their story about how they feel about security on SkyTrain, why, and the
experiences that have shaped that thinking. If you’d like to contribute
250-500 words, a photo essay, an interpretive dance, what have you –
send an e-mail my way and we’ll make it so!

As for the unconference itself, we’re starting to pull the details
together in the next week or two. Stay tuned on the blog for that!

I can always use some help too! Drop me a line if you’re interested (and
if I haven’t already tapped you for something 😉


Karen Quinn Fung
e: karen(at)

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September 6, 2008 at 9:21 am

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Transit Camp

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I spent most of today at camp. There will be lots of information on what happened at the wiki link above, as everyone there it seemed was either taking notes, taking pictures or typing on their lap tops – and some doing all three at once while talking. There were also some brave souls from Translink.

Transit camp

I got some really neat buttons, and met some people – some of whom are regular readers of this blog. As with any event that has parallel streams I often wonder what went on in the ones I did not attend, but I found it heartening that such a diverse group of people thought it was worthwhile to come together just to talk about transit. And there is already a lot in the wiki and links from th facebook event page. It would also be nice to track what comes out of this.

And it is already being documented with (lots more links) in the blogosphere

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December 8, 2007 at 7:13 pm

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