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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

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The sides of the canyon through Zion Nation Park in Utah shows how the rocks are layered. The erosion caused by wind and water reveals the rock “an immense sequence of sedimentary rock layers” over 250 million years old. There is a really nice infographic giving the names of the rocks on the NPS web site.

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September 20, 2017 at 9:26 am

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

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A set of photos from my flickr stream, carefully chosen and curated, since the search throws up plenty of other pictures that don’t work nearly as well as these.

Waiting for a bus

There is a flickr group called “I was just waiting for a bus”- though there are plenty of others about waiting, I now find. Because I administer that group I look for suitable subjects.  This photo was taken in March this year at a hotel in Varadero, Cuba where we spent quite a bit of time waiting to be picked up by a bus – on this occasion for the flight home.

Red Hats

One of my luckier candid shot moments. Walking in downtown Denver. I wrote beneath the picture “This bevy of beauties was waiting outside their hotel

“This is one of the …chapters [of] the Red Hat Society, a playgroup for women created to connect like-minded women all over the world to make new friends and enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship! …” That last paragraph comes from someone else – if you want to find out more click on the picture above to be taken to the flickr page.

The line up

This is the line up at Kitsilano Farmers’ Market for the crepe caravan.

Cars on the tram tracks 1

St Denis, in the suburbs north of Paris. The tram in the background cannot advance due to the idiot who has parked on the tram tracks. The people on the left are growing increasingly impatient for the tram to arrive at the stop.

Loitering in the Alcove

Notice the sign above the loiterer’s head. He is just waiting for a bus in downtown Seattle.

Marking the High Tide Waiting for the Low Tide  Don Vaughan

This art installation is entitled “Marking the High Tide, Waiting for the Low Tide” and is by Don Vaughan. It is in downtown Vancouver on the north seawall of False Creek.

"Line Starts Here"

The line up is for the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was caused by the searches of every intending passenger by security personnel. This is the point where the line starts officially – and it had taken us two hours to get that far.


Photographers need patience. They spend a lot of time waiting.

Cormorants waiting for a SeaBus

I called this picture “Cormorants waiting for a SeaBus”

I was waiting for a tram 2007_0712

My cousin, Linda Sawyer, took this photo of me waiting for a streetcar at the Halton County Radial Railway in southern Ontario.

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September 6, 2017 at 10:08 am

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

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The Challenge this week claims that “we don’t typically notice the details of the world around us. The structure of living things…”

We walk on the beach quite often – and one of the things that caught my eye was the intricate pattern of the grain in an old tree that had washed up – probably some time ago. The waves and the weather had long ago washed away the soil around the root ball and internal woodgrain of the bole had been exposed producing a view of these patternsIMG_1816IMG_1819IMG_1820

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August 30, 2017 at 10:04 am

Weekly Photo Challenge “Corner”

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This week’s challenge has produced far more candidates for inclusion than some of the earlier ones. I just opened a new browser and did a search of my flickr stream – and these are some of the better ones. To learn more about each location just click on the image to be taken to the flickr page which has a description and a map tag.

Wow Westminster detail

Restored corner building

Peaking over the wall

Typical Parking at Corners


Ivy covered corner

Its taken some knocks

Welded corner

Vancouver Mural Festival

Corner Gas

Corner Store: Victoria at Charles

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August 23, 2017 at 10:22 am

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Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

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CN 2627 and 2591 at Ballantine Pier

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

Pingbacks have been causing issues recently – and one reason might be that the way the URL appears in the “post about shiny” button is different to the one in the address bar. As is the one in the instructions at the bottom of challenge Ooh, Shiny!

(I did tell WordPress about this on Twitter and they have fixed it. )

So the challenge this week – “what is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “Ooh, shiny!”?”


Yesterday I was out in East Vancouver for the third day running trying to make sure I captured all of the new murals that have appeared due to the annual Vancouver Mural Festival. There are now three posts on this blog about the murals – just scroll down to see them. We were in Strathcona – down by the docks – where there are now two clusters of murals and I was checking the address on my phone when I saw the distinctive red and black of a CN C44-9W. I immediately knew that the two locomotives would not be there for very long. Trains – especially freight trains in North America – can be very unpredictable. Real train enthusiasts carry “scanners”: portable radios that monitor the frequencies used by train crews and dispatchers. That way they can figure out where a train might be photographable. I don’t do that as I can’t usually understand what they are saying and often it’s just chatter.

But while the murals will be around for a very long time, this train was going to being heading east with its load of containers sooner rather than later. While it was sitting about a block away from where we were, I could see at least a couple of possible angles. There is a new, real obstacle on Alexander Street: a high chainlink fence with the metal chain encased in heavy duty plastic. It is possible to get a lens into the mesh, but there is not much wiggle room for a clear shot. But at least the sun was behind me and the cruise ship terminal building was a decent backdrop. I tried several but the picture I chose to use was one that showed both locos and lots of nice blue sky – a novelty in Vancouver this summer – as well as the mountains.

Once upon a time I used to spend quite a lot of time trying to be a railway photographer. It is quite a challenge to get decent shots – and in this region it has got harder as more tracks have been fenced or more strenuously policed by officious security people who have nothing better to do than harass harmless photographers. And anyway there are now other distractions.

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August 16, 2017 at 9:50 am

WPC: Textures part 2

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When I posted the first part the pingback wasn’t working. So I tweeted at WordPress and they seem to have fixed it. So this is mainly just a way to make sure I am doing right


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August 2, 2017 at 9:53 pm

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

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The challenge this week was inspired by a beach at low tide in Vancouver. I walk the same intertidal zone between Kits and Jericho quite often myself. This picture was also taken at Kits beach but above the high tide line where a tree stump is quietly rotting away and has been colonised by this very charming fungus. How many textures can you see? I also like the very limited colour palette in this one.

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August 2, 2017 at 9:21 am

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